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For more than half a century, INSULA WORKS is actively involved in the provision of services and cooperation with many shipping companies, accomplishing countless repairs of all kind, such as: Generators Repairs and Maintenance / installing, rewinding, tests and measurements, settings and auxiliary equipment.

Motors Repairs and Maintenance: all needed works to deliver motors of any power and kind, in full and normal operation (bow thrusters, fan motors, compressors e.t.c.)

Main Switchboard Services: construction and installation , renovations and repairs, main switches tests and measurements and supply of new equipment.

Surveys and Technical Support: We provide technical support during survey, including tests and measurements (e.g. megger tests), technical reports etc.

With our highly experienced technical staff and the exclusive use of certified marine type spare parts, we ensure and provide: reliability, speed, flexibility and safety.

For all these reasons, small and large shipping companies worldwide have chosen INSULA WORKS as a regular partner for many decades.

All of the above services are provided on a 24-hour basis – 365 days / year – on site / worldwide.