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A power generator is a device capable of generating energy. This is responsible for converting
any type of energy (e.g. chemical, mechanical, etc.) into electrical energy.

To overcome as energy failures, since the electrical systems are fallible, the generators are used to minimize these faults. In this way, it ensures a continuous supply of energy to supply as needs.

And where is the power generator usually used?

  • Shipping
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Large Industries / Companies
  • Events
  • Houses

The generator is dependent on electromagnetic induction, capable of transforming / converting it into electrical energy.
There are several types of power generators available, and you can find different models and different powers, so that you can adjust to your needs.

To convert mechanical energy into electrical energy you can choose between these types of generators, namely:

Asynchronous (or Inductive) Generators
Synchronous Generators
Continuous Current Generators

(*It should be noted that electric motors are like generators, yet they convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. There are also ways to convert chemical energy into electrical energy, for example through batteries. Regarding the conversion of solar energy into electricity, this is achieved using photovoltaic generators.)

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