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Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)

AVR automatic voltage regulator

An automatic voltage regulator (AVR) is a device used in generators with the purpose of automatically regulating voltage, which means that it will turn fluctuating voltage levels into constant voltage levels. Automatic voltage regulators (AVRs) work by stabilizing the output voltage of generators at variable loads, but can also divide the reactive load between generators that are running in parallel (voltage droop), and helps the generator respond to

Putting it as simply as possible – automatic voltage regulators (AVRs) continuously takes input variable voltage ranges and maintains a constant output at a fixed voltage.

Why Are Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVRs) Important for Generators?

Unregulated generators, which are generators without an automatic voltage regulator (AVR),
are generally unable to sufficiently meet the power needs and requirements for every piece of equipment or devices connected to the generator. This is because some unregulated generators are unable to control or regulate voltage, so terminal voltage will always continue to decrease as the load requirements continue to increase.

If the voltage of a generator is not maintained at a constant, fixed rate, the overall generator performance can be negatively impacted and any utilities, equipment, or machinery that is being powered by the generator may also be negatively affected by the unregulated generator.

The automatic voltage regulator (AVR) directly correlates to the performance and longevity of your generator, as well as the items that the generator is providing power to and ensures that the voltage output delivered will be consistent in its load current even if fluctuations were to occur in the background. This helps mitigate and even eliminate damage that any fluctuations can cause to appliances, machinery, devices, and equipment.

What Are the Functions of an Automated Voltage Regulator (AVR)?

The most important function of automatic voltage regulators (AVRs) is to automatically control generator voltage and keep the output constant at the appropriate voltage level range for your generator regardless of the current being drawn by the load.

AVRs not only help adjust voltages to safe levels, but can also provide surge protection against electrical surges, spikes, and generator overload. As mentioned, automated voltage regulators (AVRs) also help the generator respond to and handle overloads to prevent shorting, and can also divide the reactive load between generators that are running
in parallel.

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