Company Profile

Company’s headquarters features a building of total surface area 260m2,in the area of ​​Acharnes with direct access via Attiki Odos. INSULA WORKS with more than half a century of experience, guarantees to offer you the best possible services, with maximum efficiency / technique perfection – while minimizing the required time and cost, in any part of the world requested of us.

Our staff is qualified, well trained in repair, maintenance and windings electric motors (electric motors) and generators, in order to achieve the best quality of work.

INSULA WORKS is able to deliver repair/maintenance services on motors and generators of almost any weight or power, such as:

  • Stator / rotor rewinding – old windings dismantling
  • Potting and dipping impregnation methods are available
  • Dynamic Balancing – digital equipment for rotors (with printed results)
  • Electrical measurements and tests – insulation resistance tests, polarization index, high voltage / high potential test, shep voltage test etc.
  • No load test and after repair quality control – on electric machines of any size and power.

Our experience for more than half a century has made us synonymous with high quality and reliability.